All About the Cool and Casual Streetwear Style

Skatepark Streetwear

Cool and Casual Streetwear Style 

From the chill, laid-back vibes at the skatepark to the effortlessly chic fits in big cities, streetwear is all around us. Chock full of history, culture, and style, streetwear is one of the top fashion movements right now—and for a good reason! For men, women, and fashionable teens, streetwear styles are top-tier.

 But what is streetwear? Where did it come from, and equally important, where is it headed? Whether you’re after men’s streetwear or women’s, let’s dive into the wild world of streetwear together.

What is Streetwear?

Streetwear starts with a simple definition of casual, comfortable, and trending clothing worn by a popular (usually young) culture. It’s hard to pinpoint what is considered streetwear in the fashion world, with its ever-changing cultural influences, ranging anywhere from hip-hop to skate parks, but what we do know is that streetwear cannot be simply defined. It is not only a fashion trend but a way of life.

Streetwear can change based on where you are in the world, what cultures you belong to, and what styles influence you, but the real secret is that streetwear is personal. Our Gen Woo styles allow you to make versatile, ever-changing combos to suit your personality and style with every fit.

The Origins of Streetwear

Streetwear styles come straight from the ‘70s (an influential decade for fashion that we all adore). While the start of streetwear is sometimes debated, fashion experts agree that it came from the punk scene of the 1970s, eventually being blended with the hip-hop scenes of New York City and the skate and surf lifestyle of Los Angeles to create streetwear styles still around today. DJs, designers, surfers, musicians, skaters, rappers, and more all rocked streetwear early on, influencing their audiences with their styles.

London Punk Fashion

Who Wears Streetwear?

Generally, the followers of streetwear styles are worn by people under 30 who live in hip city areas and belong to a group. Whether that’s surfers on the beach of California, people spinning disks in the DJ booths in the Bronx, or anything in between, belonging to an alternative subculture is key for people who dress in streetwear styles.

Streetwear fans are not typically wealthy, they aren’t buying Gucci and Prada, and they don’t care about the typical fashion we see on the racks. They value unique kicks and artistic tees that show their culture and style. Above all else, streetwear style is about showing off your unique style while feeling casual, comfortable, and a part of something.

Men and women can both rock streetwear styles. Women’s streetwear continues to lead the way as our current generations step away from the ideas of the patriarchy, how women are “meant” to dress, and gender constructs entirely. Anyone who wants to be a part of the laid-back streetwear culture can be with the right attitude and styling.

Streetwear Can Be Gender Neutral

Some styles within men’s streetwear and women’s streetwear are designed in ways that make them inclusive for anyone who wants to wear them. Certain types of clothing can be rocked by any gender, letting each individual rock their own style. Function and comfort are the focus of streetwear—women don’t have to wear form-fitting dresses to show their curves off for the masses, and men don’t have to dress a certain way, either. Everything is loose, oversized, and purposefully genderless to encourage everyone to be a part of the streetwear style.

Gender Neutral Streetwear

5 Gender Neutral Streetwear Items


Boxy tops

Baggy pants

Androgynous silhouettes


Unisex T-shirts

Anyone can be a part of streetwear fashion with these key aspects in clothing styles. Men’s streetwear and women’s streetwear follow almost all the same fashion rules in this style. Next time you’re shopping with us, check out our sustainable clothing that falls under these categories, and you’ll be on your way to building a streetwear style.

Modern Streetwear

So much of modern streetwear is all about sustainability, something Gen Z loves in the fashion world. Upcycling, the act of taking an already existing piece of clothing and turning it into something new to wear, is a staple of streetwear style. Taking a thrifted shirt or cloth textile that could be scrapped and turning it into styles that show off each unique personality is the core of modern streetwear.

Streetwear is even more universal in today’s social media age! Cultures and style inspirations can spread around the globe in a matter of seconds, influencing everyone’s closets. Certain social media icons love to rock women’s streetwear, and so do their followers. Women’s and men’s streetwear is abundant at the skatepark and surf beaches. Streetwear is around and will likely never leave the fashion trend—it evolves with us.

 Modern Streetwear

Today’s Streetwear Trends

Streetwear is a staple in every fashion cycle, loved by both celebrities and teens at local parks alike. Streetwear styles are even penetrating luxury markets. Big named brands like Gucci and more are collaborating with streetwear to create a whole new market. Be a part of this movement by investing in a few styles currently trending and live your biggest streetwear dreams. Try them out and see what suits you and your streetwear vibe best!


  1. Cargo Pants (Think Yk2)

  2. Denim (Styled in a grunge way)

  3. Oversized everything

  4. Varsity Bomber Jacket

  5. Tracksuits with retro styling


Rock Women’s Streetwear

There’s no need for hyper-femininity or uncomfortable heels with women’s streetwear. We believe in designing women’s streetwear with a focus on comfort and chill vibes from head to toe. Women’s streetwear is your chance to explore your individuality and expression of self in the world of fashion.

Start with something easy like our Oversized Placement T-shirt as a base for your trendy fit, and let the graphic art design speak for itself. Or throw on an easy pair of Washed Joggers to hit the skate park with your friends (and look cool doing it!)  Rock women’s streetwear with our favourite laid-back pieces and dress for happiness in streetwear. 


Streetwear comes from a long history of comfort, community, and culture. Today’s streetwear styles come from the same thing, evolving with us and our growing world. Whether you’re rocking women’s streetwear or men’s streetwear, showing off your personal style and laid-back personality is the way to go. Get into the world of streetwear today while it’s hot and trending!

Author: Moose May

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