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Dress for Happiness


The connection between clothing and emotional well-being isn’t new. Dress for the day you want to have. Dress to impress. Look good, feel good. All these sayings connect our pleasure, satisfaction, and motivation to the clothes we wear – that is the intent of dopamine dressing.


The chemical dopamine is our brain’s pathway to pleasure. When we go shopping, smell cookies baking, or see puppies, our brain releases a comforting dose of dopamine. Clothing with bright colours and vibrant prints can be our gift of happiness to ourselves and to the world around us.


What is Dopamine Dressing?


Dopamine dressing is the mindful practice of wearing colours, textures, or styles that boost your mood. Brighter, bolder clothes can positively impact how we feel about ourselves. The ladies clothes we choose can create a motivation within us that results in confidence, competence, and happiness.


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The connection between brightly coloured clothing and happiness is not new. Psychological research to establish the impact of the clothing we wear on our mood has been ongoing for years. But to narrow it down to the intentional use of colour in such a specific way? This is ground breaking, and millions of TikTok views can’t be wrong.


Why are People Dopamine Dressing?


While the practice of dopamine dressing is not new, there has been more of an emphasis on dressing for mood enhancement post-pandemic. The impact of clothing and colour on mood is not lost on younger generations, and connecting fashion to happiness is enjoying a resurgence. Rather than push designer labels or that LBD that fits just right, this trend is all about choosing clothes that make your brain happy.


Dopamine dressing isn’t about dressing for a trend. It is about dressing to feel joy and individuality. While some people want to keep their look mono-chromatic, others will pop colour in their pants that clashes with the print of their jacket. No two outfits look the same, and if it brings you joy, it is dopamine dressing.


Let’s Talk Colours


Imagine a day surrounded by all of the colours that bring you joy, like pink, yellow, orange, or red, paired with bold patterns or contrasting hues of purple, green, and blue. Whether you opt for a monochrome or mix-and-match prints, you are the designer of your personal style, and it is all about the pieces that make you happy! If neon isn’t your thing, wear a muted version of your favourite colour – whatever colour inspires and embraces you. 


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Ladies lilac rib top By Gen Woo


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Why Do People Wear Bright Colours?


Dopamine dressing is all about using clothes as self-expression, but bold, brighter colours are at the core of the movement. Brighter, bolder colours make us feel extroverted and alive. We feel seen and engaged with the world around us. Colour inspiration is real, so let it empower you to rock some new hues and step out of your comfort zone in a fun and fashionable way.


If wearing bright colours makes you happy, you will continue to repeat that behaviour. We are hard-wired to repeat specific behaviours that bring us pleasure. Bright pink soft, comfy sweats with matching headband? Yes, please. Dressing in the colours and styles that bring us the most joy is an addictive behaviour – and your nervous system is here for it.


Who are the Hottest Dopamine Designers?


Dopamine dressing is a very popular trend, and some of the biggest fashion designers are bringing looks everyone is going wild for. Vibrant hues, neon accessories, and bold prints on super-fun pieces are the hallmarks of designers, both new and old, in this ongoing fashion statement. Look for rainbows, electric blue, and fresh fuchsia to set the stage for a new look that’s here to stay.


Hot Dopamine Designers



AW22 dopamine dressing By STAUD

Christopher John Rogers

AW22 dopamine dressing By Christopher John Rogers

Alice + Olivia

AW22 dopamine dressing By Alice + Olivia


 Ladies dopamine dressing By Blumarine

How Do I Know Dopamine Dressing is Right for Me?


This feel-good-fashion movement isn’t about fitting in or looking like anyone else. Mood enhancement dressing, as it is also known, is just about you feeling good about you. How bold and bright you go is entirely up to you. Dressing for your own happiness is so 2022.


Perhaps you are struggling with stepping out without following any of your familiar fashion norms or boundaries. Feel free to start slow. Introduce a fierce pair of hot pink pumps to an outfit you are comfortable in. Or add a bold accessory – like a fuchsia purse or super-chunky gold necklace. Whether it’s with muted colours or prints you can see from a block away, inspire yourself every day!


How Do I Know If I’m Dopamine Dressing Correctly?


That’s the beauty of dopamine dressing – it is all about what makes you feel good. Choose an outfit that you enjoy and that you feel good in. Do you have a favourite printed shirt and comfy plaid cropped pants? Sounds perfect. The brighter, the better to embrace the freedom that comes with a positive self-image reflecting you and your personal style – this is the sole intent of mood enhancement dressing.


This post-pandemic world has us looking more for comfort in self-expression than worrying about our outward appearance. We spent months on zoom calls looking on-point from the waist up and comfy from the waist down. This lower-body connection to what made us happy has now extended beyond the computer screen and includes our upper body.


Can Dressing for Comfort Have a Downside?


This movement certainly isn’t advocating we stay in our pyjamas all day, every day. While tempting, that isn’t the positive mental health direction that dressing comfortably wants to push. Dopamine dressing strives to reward the brain by releasing us from the barriers of strict fashion expectations and allowing gender-neutral, size-fluid, brightly coloured options that elevate our mood to become the norm.


Dopamine dressing is not about following the crowd or blending in with friends. It is about choosing an outfit that you will enjoy looking at and feel good wearing. Self-perception is powerful so let’s see ourselves in a way that creates happiness and joy rather than comparing ourselves to others. So, how do you dress for happiness? However you want. 


Author: Moose May

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