It’s Time to Rock Women’s Streetwear

Deretan Street Style Terbaik di London Fashion Week 2022

It’s Time to Rock Women’s Streetwear

It’s time to say goodbye to the overdone, cookie-cutter, fast fashion everyone is pushing these days. You know it’s not working anymore. But where can you turn?


Streetwear styles are about to be your go-to outfit guide, and we’re along to help every step of the way. Say goodbye to the norm and get ready to dive deep into your personal style the Gen Woo way. Women’s streetwear is your chance to explore the ultra-unique, individual fashion sense that you’ve always wanted to show to the world—so buckle up.


What is Streetwear?


At its core, the definition of streetwear seems simple. Streetwear style is defined as fashionable but casual clothing worn by specific cultural groups that are typically young, bold, and living in urban cities. But if you look further into it, streetwear is a lot more complex than people give it credit for.


Streetwear is not just the cool clothes you put on your back—it’s a way of life. Unlike old and new luxury fashion brands that thrive off being untouchable, exclusivity does not have a place in streetwear. Streetwear styles emerging from skate, surf, and hip-hop groups offer a fresh take on what fashion even means. Being a part of this culture means you’re “in,” but anyone can be in with the right vibe.


At Gen Woo, we focus on fashion-forward clothing that inspires this generation with sustainable and affordable clothing. No one needs to be on the outs or in the wrong circle because we make it easy for you to rock the styles you were meant to.



Why is it Called Streetwear?


Streetwear styles and the name are largely accepted to have come out of the surfing, graffiti-covered street fashion of Los Angeles in the ‘90s. The thrilling nightlife and carefree attitude influenced every outfit they wore. And here’s the thing; they still influence us today—streetwear is one of our current leading trends.


Can Women Wear Streetwear?


Though men helped discover and spread the very idea of streetwear styles, women rock it all over the world every day! Loose-fitting shirts and on-trend baggy pants overhaul the very idea of gender being a big deal. In streetwear, you’re dressing for yourself and no one else.


No need for hyper-femininity or dressing uncomfortably to please the patriarchy. We believe you can dress in whatever makes you feel the most, well, you. Whether that’s long, utility sports-style Washed Bermuda Shorts or a Sleeveless Drape Tunic, dressing for you, by you (and Gen Woo), will bring out your personality in your streetwear style!

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Women’s Streetwear Inspirations


These days, women’s streetwear takes charge of the entire industry in the way that it draws inspiration from the current social changes all around us. At this very moment, the unique women’s streetwear style is projecting a consciously relaxed, comfortable vibe in its use of athleisure. But on the opposite end, this generation’s power in changing worldly views on masculinity, gender expression, climate, and politics, is being shown in streetwear styles all around the globe.


5 Streetwear Styles Currently Trending


With these five trending streetwear styles, you can vamp your wardrobe to be the long-lasting yet trendy vibe you’re after.


  1. Oversized
  2. Statement sneakers
  3. Casual and chic mix
  4. Beige monotone
  5. Layering lightweight clothing


Favourite Base Pieces for Women’s Streetwear:


These three trends broke out this past fashion year and are some of our favourite designs at Gen Woo. They can be dressed up or dressed down and are the perfect basics that are sure to become your latest wardrobe staples.



Cycling shorts

Oversized Placement T-shirts



How to Style Women’s Streetwear


The goal is to look ready to chill, skateboard, and go surfing at the drop of a hat at all times. We are no longer worried about which heels go with which miniskirt— now it’s all about comfort, genderless silhouettes, and rich, neutral tones. Women’s streetwear focuses on athleisure styles and TikTok trending grunge looks—which is an accessible and inclusive style that anyone can try out!


In women’s streetwear, when it comes to wearing something skin tight, like the Black Catsuit style that’s been trending, play with proportions and pair it with something more oversized, like a boxy cardigan, to look chill and down to Earth. Gone are the days of showing off brands—it’s time to avoid the overly-loud logo outfits of the 2000s. Invest in some bold sneakers, but let your outfit scream laid-back and vibing.


Look to our latest look books to gain even more inspiration, but don’t forget to make every outfit your own!


Upcycling and Sustainability in Streetwear Style


Upcycling clothes is the act of taking a piece that is pre-owned and redesigning it to be something new and more your style. In the past few years, upcycling has become all the rage with Gen Z, and it’s a key to getting into women’s streetwear. Refusing to buy into the idea of fast fashion and the rapid cycle of fashion trends streetwear at its very core.


We’re all about sustainability and noting our environmental impact over here, something we know is becoming more and more important to the future of fashion (aka Gen Z and Gen Alpha). Streetwear style today demands a more sustainable practice, and while you can certainly upcycle any clothes you already own to suit your women’s streetwear needs, you can also count on Gen Woo and our sustainability focus to make environmentally conscious pieces just for you.

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How to Make Women’s Streetwear Styles Your Own


Most importantly, we believe that your outfit is yours to pull off. No matter the style or the current trends, these days, everyone is all about dressing to stand out! Make daring choices in your streetwear style, and you’ll turn heads as you go. Make bold pattern choices, pair together unexpected pieces, or rock a signature look that you feel empowered in. Your style is your own.


Women are dominating the artsy world of streetwear styles—and rightfully so! With these trending fashion styles, and the creative use of upcycling and sustainable practices, streetwear style allows you to focus on your own creative vision while trying to better the world. Explore the culture and vibe of women’s streetwear today and make your mark on the fashion world!


Author: Moose May

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