Be Creative with Boys' & Men's T-shirts: Spring Summer 2022

Fess’ up! If you haven’t been up-to-date with the latest fashion trends since the pandemic started, here’s some good news for us: Fashion is returning with a whole new fresh perspective [Hint: Think Men's T-shirts ;)]. Your wardrobe is probably filled with pandemic styles right now - lots of relaxed, lounge and casual wear fit for the top half of your zoom meeting screen.

We’re so glad that we can look forward to feasting our eyes on more trendy ensembles this coming 2022 especially for men and boys. Read on as we will be spilling some styling tips on the latest Spring Summer fashion trends this summer that go really well with the clothes you currently own.


Mens ringer t-shirt by circular for all clothing brand in singapore

Less is more: minimalist fashion is likely to be both simple yet effective. You may feel that there are fewer variations across a minimalist wardrobe, but this style has made it to the essential list offering a vast range of dress-up possibilities. Pulling together no more than three items, choose something of high quality and breathable that will retain its colour and constructions after multiple washes. Stick to tried and true neutral colours such as men’s t-shirts in basic white, paired with dark or light pants and off you go - well-dressed effortlessly for various occasions and social settings.

Oversized-Relaxed Tops

Men's Oversized Relax Tops on Men

After months of lockdown loungewear supremacy, it looks like there is a shift to silhouettes that are modern, loose, relaxed and comfortable to wear. Smarten up with an oversized t-shirt, crafted with sustainable cotton rich fabric. Details such as heavy fabric, minimalist logo or signature graphics and colour blocking tap into the desire for ‘better’ basics, while providing premium appeal to core pieces.

Rise of Athleisure

Two Male Models in Premium T-Shirts

Athleisure is getting more popular than ever. Being one of the fastest-growing categories in fashion, athleisure fills the gap between true performance athletic wear and cosy loungewear. Think of these Men's T-shirts as the most efficient way to get dressed for daily activities without having to put too much thought into dressing comfortably. Whether you’re shopping for clothing that’s zoom-worthy or those that you can wear for workouts, the athleisure line has you covered from running errands, grabbing lunch to lazing around.

Formal and Casual Mixing

Casual Men's Jacket on Man

As work routines continue to evolve, smart and casual wear categories converge to offer a middle ground for clothes that can take you from day to night. The casualisation of office wear has included categories like basic men’s t-shirts, knit tops and premium cut-and-sew to become the new base layer for a more formal look. Men’s basic t-shirts are a must-have item to complete a smart, contemporary ensemble.

Mens polo t-shirt by circular for all clothing brand in singapore

Polo Shirts: New Twists for Trusted Staples

Green and Blue Striped Polo on Young Boy

The basic polo shirts are back in men’s and boys’ wear trends and they’re definitely a staple-to-have to elevate your wardrobe for any occasion. Some trending styling options for the polo shirt include pairing basic coloured polo shirts with patterned or printed bottoms or wearing bright coloured, printed polo shirts with muted-coloured pants. You can also flip the collar up for a more edgy look. This will definitely break the monotony of simply pulling on a basic boys t-shirt.

Bermuda Shorts: Not Just for the Beach

Bermuda shorts were a big hit in 2021 and it seems like it’s here to stay. Other than their versatility, we are keenly aware that they’re cool and chic with a touch of retro. Moreover, especially for boys, the Bermuda shorts are a popular choice because they’re easy to match for example with boys’ printed t-shirts, and fit almost any occasion. Get as many coloured Bermuda shorts in your wardrobe as you possibly can, boys, because you’re going to need it A LOT this year.

Boys bermuda shorts by Gen Woo clothing brand in Singapore

We can’t wait to see how you adapt our tips to your own unique and creative styles this summer. Whether you’re into the trusted basics or keen to take on the variations, we hope that these tips will help you jazz up your current wardrobe. Ready for the next season? Bring it on!

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