Best Staycation Ideas with Kids in Singapore

Traveling around the world with your kids sounds like lots of fun, but it can be a ton of work, too. Keep the fun of a vacation without the stress by finding Singapore staycation ideas. We have some awesome options for staycations with kids that will make the whole family happy. Not only that, if you plan a staycation and are stumped on what to pack, we’ll fill you in on everything your babies and children need for a staycation in Singapore.

Family On The Beach In Singapore


Staycation Ideas in Singapore

If you want to create an awesome staycation with kids, there are numerous fun and exciting staycation ideas and activities you can do right in Singapore!


Gardens by the Bay

The Gardens by the Bay is a gorgeous nature park in Singapore that spans 101 hectares. The park includes a wide variety of attractions that the entire family will want to add to the staycation idea list. One of the most popular attractions is the flower dome, a glass greenhouse full of unique plants. Nature lovers especially will love this staycation idea because of all of the plants from the Mediterranean and semi-arid regions, including a grass Eiffel tower.

Gardens By the Bay in Singapore

If your idea of a staycation with kids involves an activity to keep them occupied, Gardens by the Bay is the place for you. In addition to all the gorgeous scenery at this staycation idea option, there’s a garden for children to play in. The Far East Organization children’s garden has lots of attractions for kids, including an area full of water toys, so pack those swimsuits! This staycation in Singapore spot will have your kids entertained and running free all day; by bedtime, they’ll be ready to crash. It’s an incredible choice for a staycation idea since it includes:

  • a toddler play zone for little ones ages one to five
  • rainforest treehouses for kids ages six to twelve
  • an amphitheatre with a covered canopy 

One of the other incredible attractions at Gardens by the Bay is the Supertree observatory and OCBC Skyway. The Supertrees were designed with large canopies measuring between twenty-five and fifty metres tall to provide shade for visitors. You can stroll along the twenty-two metre-high OCBC Skyway to get a perfect view of all the trees. Make sure to add visiting the Supertree Grove at night to your list of staycation ideas; the trees light up, and you can peel your ears to hear music!

If you’re looking for a staycation idea to make the art lover in your family happy, Gardens by the Bay is a great choice. They have a large variety of sculptures throughout each outdoor garden and attraction. Some of the most famous sculptures at this staycation idea location include depictions of a giant baby, seashells, ferns, eagles, and more. Each of these sculptures provides a unique and exciting touch to your experience at the Gardens by the Bay.


Singapore Zoo

A trip to the zoo is the perfect idea for a staycation with kids. Not only will your little ones have a great time with this staycation idea, but they’ll also be learning along the way. Some of the animals at the Singapore zoo include penguins, chameleons, sloths, a lion cub named Simba, and more. In addition to all the animals, the Singapore zoo has many activities that you’ll want to add to your staycation ideas list.

Feeding The Elephants At Singapore Zoo

This staycation idea makes it possible for you to have a real-life look at animals in their natural habitat through wildlife tours. You will learn how the animals are cared for, what they eat, and some of their unique traits. You might even have the opportunity to feed the animals up close! If you want to learn more about the animals without coming face-to-face with them, the keepers’ chit-chat is the perfect staycation idea for you. The zookeepers will give you the inside scoop on everything there is to know about the animals. In addition to hearing about all the animals’ quirks and qualities, you will have the chance to feed them.

The Singapore zoo has tons of fun activities for your staycation with kids. Kids and adults can take a ride on the wild animal carousel on dinosaurs, tigers, rhinos, and more! The rope course provides added fun for everyone. Adults can join in too, and they have both a mini and a large ropes course to accommodate everyone in the family. As guests progress through the ropes course, they will get to admire the scenic view of nature.

If you want your staycation ideas to include water activities, don’t worry. The Singapore zoo has a wet play area full of animal-themed water fun for kids. It has plenty of slides, tubes, and a giant water bucket that dumps water on the crowds. If you want to take your staycation in Singapore to the Singapore zoo, check out their website.


Singapore Flyer

The Singapore flyer is the perfect staycation idea for kids and adults alike! The flyer allows you to take in the view of the gorgeous city from 165 metres above. You can even have up to two guests in the Singapore Flyer for a four-course dinner of your choice. Anyone aged seven and up can enjoy Singapore Flyer Sky Dining. If there’s any adults who need some kid-free time during their Singapore staycation, you can also get tickets to drink champagne or sip on a Singapore Sling drink in the Singapore Flyer.

Singapore Flyer


The Time Capsule is the newest addition to the Singapore Flyer attraction. It’s an excellent activity for a staycation with kids since it teaches them about Singapore’s rich history in a fun and exciting way. This attraction allows your family to travel 700 years back and discover all the myths, legends, and stories of Singapore’s history. In addition to learning all about the past, the Time Capsule will teach you about the new advances in Singapore and future plans! This staycation in Singapore idea would be a fantastic experience for the whole family. You can book tickets for the Singapore Flyer, Time Capsule, or both right on their website.


Before Packing for a Staycation with Kids

Parents, we understand the stress of trying to make sure you pack everything you need when going on a staycation with kids. There are a few things to keep in mind when you’re making your staycation idea list and getting ready to pack:

  • location of your staycation
  • the weather during your staycation
  • wants and needs of your family


Location of Your Staycation

Before you start packing for a staycation with kids, get all your staycation ideas planned out. Make sure you know exactly where you want to go. Will you be indoors or outdoors? Will you be spending time in dressy or casual locations? Will the children need swimwear? There’s nothing worse than arriving at the place of your staycation in Singapore and realizing you packed all the wrong things. Do some research before your staycation with kids to learn about the types of conditions you will be in and what activities you will be doing. That way, you won’t have to worry about any packing disasters.


The Weather During Your Staycation

One of the most important things to consider before packing up a suitcase and heading on a staycation with kids is the weather. For the most part, Singapore is pretty warm, and even hot at times. Check the weather before you follow through with your staycation idea to ensure everyone will have the proper clothing. Also, consider the humidity and rainfall when you’re packing for your staycation in Singapore.


Wants and Needs of Your Family

Every family is different, so your packing list might require unique things to fit your family’s wants and needs. Before packing for a staycation with kids, talk to your children and ask them what types of clothes or accessories they would like to wear (keeping the location and weather in mind, of course). If it’s essential for you to make sure you’re packing is environmentally friendly and sustainable, check out our post about sustainable fashion tips. We’ve laid out everything you need to pack for each age group so you can worry about the fun instead of what to pack.


What to Pack for a Staycation in Singapore

Packing To Go On Holiday in Singapore

Now that you know where you’re going, what the weather will be like, and the wants and needs of your family, you’re ready to start packing. Each age group in the family will need different things during the staycation. We’ve broken it down, so you don’t have to:

  1. what to pack for babies
  2. packing for children


What to Pack for Babies

Packing for a baby can be pretty stressful. You might feel like you need to pack their entire wardrobe just to ensure they have everything they could possibly need. However, if you shop from our collection, you won’t have to worry about missing anything for your baby because we have everything you need.


Rompers and Babygrows

Some of the most accessible and convenient items to pack on a staycation in Singapore are rompers and babygrows. They’re easy to take on and off, comfortable, and breathable in the Singapore weather. We have a bunch of babygrows that you can dress up or down. They’re also great because you can layer them with a sweater or pants in the air conditioning.

Baby Romper By Gen Woo


Baby Shirts

When it comes to packing shirts for your baby during your staycation in Singapore, your best bet is to pack light, breathable t-shirts. You can always layer with a sweater if they get cold, but a t-shirt will always prevent them from being uncomfortable.


Baby Pants

Of course, babies need to have pants to match their adorable t-shirts on staycation! Our top recommendations for what to pack on a staycation in Singapore are baby leggings and baby bloomers. Our leggings come in lots of different colours to match any outfit. These longer pants will be perfect for days inside in the air conditioning.

Our baby waffle shorts are a fantastic option for the hot, humid days of your staycation in Singapore. They come in tons of different colors, so they’re great for any gender, too! They have an elastic waistband, so they’ll easily stretch on and off when it’s time for a diaper change. Not only will your baby look cute, but they’ll feel amazing as well.


Packing for Children

Packing for children can be a bit easier than packing for babies since they develop their own sense of self and style. If you’re unsure about suitable clothing to pack for staycations with kids throughout the year, we’ve identified everything kids need for a staycation in Singapore year-round.


Jumpsuits and Dresses for Kids

One of the most effortless outfits to pack during a staycation with kids is a romper, jumpsuit, or dress. They provide a complete outfit without the thought and effort of finding a matching shirt and pants.

Our shop is full of lots of cute dresses that we guarantee any child would love to wear. One of our cutest dresses from Gen Woo is the tiered A-line dress. It has a fitted top panel and is sleeveless, making it perfect for warmer days in Singapore.


Kids Shirts to Pack

Just like we said with babies, the best option is to pack t-shirts for a staycation with kids. That way, they can throw on a sweater if they get cold but won’t have to sweat up a storm once they start to warm up. A simple t-shirt, like the tie-dye one in our collection, is a casual yet stylish option for a staycation outfit.


Kids Pants

Any staycation with kids needs the perfect pair of shorts or pants to top off their outfits. Make sure to pack their pants accordingly based on where your staycation is going to take place. Cycling shorts are a cute and comfy option for hotter days in Singapore. For days when it’s on the cooler side, we recommend coloured leggings. We have tons of colours to match any child’s style or favourite t-shirt.

Now that you have some awesome staycation ideas and you know exactly what to pack for your staycation with kids, we hope your family is ready to have some fun. Put all the stress of planning a trip aside and savour the quality time with your family. We wish you a memorable trip during your staycation in Singapore!

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