Chinese New Year: Year of the Ox

Beginning February 12th, the Chinese New Year ushers in the year of the metal ox. The last ox year was that of 2009, so if your child turns 12 this year, you’ve got a little ox babe! Female oxen are diligent, dependable, and strong. They’re known for their loyalty mixed with a touch of sass, as ox are typically headstrong and stubborn.

Whether you’ve got any oxen in your home or not, this year’s Chinese New Year celebrations may look a little different. The government advises only eight visitors per household per day. However, you still want to celebrate the occasion by dressing your best and allowing your little ones to show off their style with fun children’s clothes! 


Baby and Children’s Clothes for the Chinese New Year

Whether we’re talking about adult’s or children’s clothes, new pieces for the holiday symbolize new beginnings. Now is a great time to get the whole family new outfits to celebrate a brand-new start. You can stay mindful of your budget by selecting pieces you and your children will be able to wear through the year over and over again.

Traditionally, red brings good luck, so don’t miss this opportunity to set yourself up for some good fortune in the new year. Plan your baby clothes and children’s clothes accordingly! Check out our style guide for this year’s Chinese New Year celebrations.


Baby Clothes for a Relaxed Chinese New Year

Comfort is almost always key when you’re dressing a baby. They want to freely move when they’re awake but still be able to settle down for a comfortable nap in the same piece of clothing. Dressing your littlest in baby clothes for this holiday will be easy if you choose a one-piece outfit like this Flutter Babygrow. The soft pink will bring you good luck for the Chinese New Year, and the ruffle sleeves and buttons on the back are so sweet. If you are staying in, let her run free and barefoot, or style her baby clothes with moccasins or ballet flats.

If it has been rainy and chillier than usual, check out this Ruffle Baby Jumpsuit. It is a similar style with full-length pants!


Children’s Clothes for a Relaxed Chinese New Year

Having a relaxing holiday can be cozy while still looking stylish—something that’s important to many girls! For your older girls, create a cute and comfortable tonal look of red and pink children’s clothes. Style a t-shirt with light and dark pink, like this Pink Tie Dye T-Shirt, and pair it with solid pink leggings. Add a sweet little necklace and sandals or a hat to finish the look.

Your pre-teen might be tricky to shop for, but you can’t go wrong with some leggings and a trendy, tonal look!


Baby Clothes for a Casual Chinese New Year

Let’s say you’re having a few guests over for your Chinese New Year celebration. In that case, you might want to keep it casual, but dress up in a little more than leggings. You likely still want to keep your baby’s clothes relatively easy and comfortable for wild playing and comfy napping, so consider Baby Denim Jeggings and a Flutter T-Shirt!

The jeggings make for a sneakily dressy look in that they feel like super soft, stretchy leggings but look like denim jeans. The soft, casual tee has little ruffles along the shoulders for that adorable toddler look.


Children’s Clothes for a Casual Chinese New Year

An older girl might be itching to show her personal style a little bit more, so let her have some fun expressing herself! Check out this trendy printed midi dress in hot pink. It’s casual cotton, but the cut makes it a little dressier. Pair this dress with her choice of shoes.

If crop tops don’t fit her style, a smock top like this one is always a good choice! Dress it up with flats or stylish booties, or down with some sneakers. Shirts like this are excellent staples because they are easily dressed up to fit any occasion but can always be casual with shorts and sneakers.


Baby Clothes for a Dressy Chinese New Year

If you’re itching to dress up for the Chinese New Year, we can’t say we blame you! You can find dressy baby clothes that are still comfortable enough for that ever-important nap. While you could certainly get away with the other baby clothes we suggested for a relaxed or casual holiday for baby, you can also get a little dressier with a Flutter Ditsy Dress. Pair this fun, ruffly dress with some strappy sandals or booties, and she will be ready to go.

Add a pair of adorable Waffle Baby Bloomers under her dress for care-free running, rolling, and jumping!


Children’s Clothes for a Dressy Chinese New Year

Depending on the day, your big girl might love the idea of dressy children’s clothing—or she might hate it. However she feels, you can present her with some lovely, dressy yet trendy pieces to help her get into the spirit!

This flutter skater dress looks effortlessly dressy while still being comfortable.

Stay safe and pair with our new line of reusable masks.


What Not to Wear for Chinese New Year

Of course, you can dress your family however you see fit. However, wearing black is a big fashion no-no for the Chinese New Year! Black is associated with depression and death, and it does not bring good fortune. So, no matter how flattering that top is, save it for another day, and don’t go for the black baby clothes!

Similarly, white is not an auspicious colour, either. It is seen as a mourning colour, so unless you want to set yourself up for some lousy juju, stay away from both black and white.


Other Colours to Consider

If reds and pinks aren’t your colours but you don’t want to tempt fate by wearing white or black, these are a few other shades to consider for the new year:

  • Yellow for hope and brightness
  • Green for health and harmony
  • Gold for prosperity


No matter if you’re keeping it relaxed or dressing up for the Chinese New Year, there are lots of options when it comes to dressing your children in stylish baby and children’s clothes. Avoid those unlucky colours and stay bright and cheery to start the year of the ox on a good note!

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