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Fashion: An introduction to Circular For All

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Why circular fashion? If you've heard about circular fashion, that's what we aspire to be. We are taking steps towards a more circular economy to create and produce sustainable products. Our goal is for every design to complete its life cycle, from the fibre to the wardrobe.

What do we mean by 'all'? Indeed we want this brand to be made for ALL. We mean it, everybody! We want the collection to fit all types of body shapes and skin tones, from day to night. The clothes are made for everyone, that's how we remain inclusive and diverse with unlimited styling options.

Behind the Scenes of the Collection

Design process

We had such a fulfilling journey designing our first collection for Circular For All. It focuses on a generic collection that runs through the seasons. Key pieces include our oversized sweater and printed tees with the vibe of athleisure. The biggest challenge was how to make this collection last through all the seasons. Something that is lasting, yet trendy, versatile yet comfortable. We thought that it'd be so great to have top and bottom pairings as well, that you can just grab, put them on and be ready to go!

And there you go, a modern athleisure line was born. The full collection consists of, but is not limited to, mens organic t-shirts and mens graphic t-shirts. We can't wait to show you what we have in store, but let's spotlight the ladies collection first.

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We made our ladies’ collection extra special, with little details that make it standout and exude fun! Words of affirmation, versatile knots and neutral, warm hues, are some of the design elements that we felt would go really well together.

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Of course, when it comes to comfort, we want this collection to take you from your home, to grocery runs, to meeting up with friends. You can easily match the top or bottom with other pieces in your wardrobe as well. It is designed to live in your wardrobe to last through the seasons.

Making it a Sustainable & Ethical Collection

It’s one thing to make aesthetic and functional designs; but what we wanted to do most was to make it sustainable and eco-friendly as well. For instance, we know that we can design stylish men's organic t-shirts, gorgeous ladies’ dresses and many other creations without neglecting the environment.

First of all, just to share a little more about the materials, the clothes are made of soft modal, tencel blends and organic cotton. This includes BCI cotton that is sustainably sourced. Apart from the environment, we aimed for your clothes to be ethically-made as well, knowing very well that our partnering teams have the same goals too. What this means is that the farmers are paid fairly, with decent work conditions that take into consideration health and safety.

The manufacturing facility that made these clothes is also BSCI certified. They’ve recently made improvements to upgrade machines that either reuse or reduce wastage significantly. We are putting in additional measures to ensure that wastewater is treated per environmental norms before discharging for example. Our ultimate goal is to make every product go back to earth or prolong the usage of it by reusing and recycling.

No doubt we are a long way from making fashion entirely circular, but we believe that starting out right will give us the right footing to reduce carbon footprints and into greener ways to make fashion more sustainable.

Do You Have a Part in Circular Fashion?

Getting to know the brands you buy

You may buy into the whole, awe-inspiring brand story, but what truly lies underneath it? We encourage you to get to know more about the brand before making a purchase because there’s more than meets the eye. Always try to look into their insider stories, reviews, company’s initiatives and legit certifications. Beyond the label and the glamour, ask questions like:

  • Who made my clothes?
  • Where and how was it sourced?
  • Is the company ethical in their processes?
  • Is the material sustainable or eco-friendly?
  • How does the company contribute to circular fashion?
  • Is the brand part of an initiative such as Join Life? Read more about it here

Get Real with Circular Fashion

This one’s for you. Not just for fashion companies and manufacturers, we as shoppers, play critical roles in the circular fashion movement. You hold the power to make circular fashion impactful. Great power comes with great responsibility. The actions we take everyday, albeit small, make a huge impact on the environment. Some ways you can progress with circular fashion:

  • Look after your clothes with proper care
  • Buy less, buy better. Check out our Circular for All collection here.
  • Support sustainable & ethical fashion brands
  • Utilise recycling programmes

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