Crafting with Your Kids: Making Tie Dye Shirts

Crafts for kids will never go out of style, much like our love for tie dye fashion. If you’re searching for a unique way to spend an afternoon with the kiddos, get ready for some tie dye shirt fun! We’ll walk you through this addicting craft for kids and have you dressed in your new look in no time. We’ll load you up on all you need to know to make this popular craft for kids a huge success!


The Return of Tie Dye Fashion

We’ve always been pretty vocal about our love for tie dye fashion. From our very own Jersey Shop tie dye shirts and leggings to runway fashion, we just can't seem to get enough. It took one glimpse of an iconic celebrity sporting the beloved blast from the past, and the world was just as hooked. So, what sparked the return of this colorful clothing trend

Purple Tie Dye t-shirt by Gen Woo for the jersey Shop Singapore

The traditional flower power or hippie vibe has made an incredible comeback, with the addition of many up-to-date modern flares. From the surfer-girl tee to luxury couture, tie dye shirts are a wardrobe staple once again. You can find tie dye attire and accessories for the whole family, including your four-legged fur babies

Pastel tie dye tshirt by Gen woo for the jersey shop singapore


Why Tie Dye Fashion

Depending on who you ask, there are a million reasons why tie dye shirts and expanded collections have made such a huge splash:

  • the unique designs
  • a symbol of individuality
  • the cheerful pops of color
  • a reminder of peaceful times
  • a taste of nostalgia
  • reflections of childhood

Some just love that relaxed, fun-loving vibe it sends when you’re sporting a tie dye shirt.


Tie Dye: The Perfect Craft for Kids

Making your own tie dye shirts has to be one of the most memorable crafts for kids ever! Can you honestly say you aren’t thinking back to this experience from school? Collecting rubber bands, tying up our shirts, selecting colors, then sitting in anticipation to see who would turn out the best. Definitely a craft for kids of all ages!


Tie Dye Shirts at Home

If you’re ready to tackle one of the ultimate crafts for kids, we’re here to help you make it as enjoyable and kid-friendly as possible. Here's what you'll need:


Materials for Tie Dye Shirts

  • plain white t-shirts - 100% cotton will make your colors vibrant and lengthen the life of your colors
  • a tie dye kit – You can easily find these kits online or at various retailers in the crafts for kid’s These kits will save you a ton of time, as they are stocked with nearly everything you need, including:How to make Tie Dye T-shirts by The Jersey Shop Singapore
  • squeeze bottles that come with pre-filled powdered dye
  • several pairs of plastic gloves
  • string or rubber bands to tie your shirts
  • a guide to making different designs
  • zip-lock plastic bags – you’ll need one for each shirt you are making
  • a plastic tablecloth – cutting open a trash bag works just as well
  • a large spray bottle – you’ll need this to dampen the shirts before dying
  • protective covering for you and your kiddos – you can use several items to protect your clothing from the dye, including:
  • a large trash bag with head and arm cutouts
  • a plastic art apron, usually found in the crafts for kids section of your local craft shop
  • rain ponchoHome made tie dye by Gen Woo for the jersey shop



Tie Dye Shirt Instructions

For optimal results, you'll want to wash and dry your t-shirts before the exciting event. To avoid unwanted residue buildup, don’t use dryer sheets or fabric softeners. This tip will prevent the dye from really grabbing hold and sinking into your fabric. Line your kitchen counter, worktable, or designated outdoor area with your plastic tablecloth to prevent unwanted stains from accidental spills.

Suit up in your protective apron and get ready to tie dye following these steps:

  1. Fill your spray bottle with tap water and have the kiddos dampen their shirts with water.
  2. Select a tie dye pattern.
  3. Demonstrate how to twist and tie the shirt to try to achieve the designs they have chosen.
  4. Assist them with making sure your sting or rubber bands are as snug as possible to stop the over-saturation of colors.How to tie elastic bands for tie dye effect by the jersey shop singapore
  5. Have everyone put on their gloves.
  6. Fill your dye bottles with the amount of water recommended in your kits and shake well to dissolve powder thoroughly.
  7. Apply colors to each tied off section of the shirt according to the chosen pattern example or create your own design. Saturate well enough to soak through all layers in each section.Apply colour to tie dye t-shirt by the Jersey Shop Singapore
  8. Place each finished shirt in a separate zip lock bag and allow at least a couple of hours to soak. Longer soaks yield more vibrant colors, so we highly recommend leaving them overnight.
  9. When the allotted time has passed, have your kiddos put on a pair of gloves and remove your shirt from the bag.
  10. Rinse the shirt under cold running water. Be sure to rinse until your water runs clear, but be patient, as this will take some time.
  11. Once clear, remove the string or rubber bands. Have them open their shirts for a quick peek, then begin running them under cold water once again.How to wash out tie dye by the Jersey shop Singapore
  12. Once your water is clear again, give the shirts a quick run through the washing machine.
  13. Follow up with a high heat tumble dry to help set the colors in, and you’re done! You’ve each got a personalized, handmade tie dye shirt!


Making the Spiral Tie Dye Shirt Design

To achieve the infamous swirl pattern, lay your shirt flat, pinch fabric from the center, then twist in a circular motion. Your shirt should form a spiral shape. Secure your spiral shirt with the string or rubber bands until you have roughly six to eight sections or wedges. Then apply your dye!

Spiral tie dye t-shirt by Gen Woo for the Jersey Shop Singapore


Making the Splattered or Crumpled Tie Dye Shirt Design

This method is ideal for little ones who don’t have the patience for tying off sections. It allows them creative flexibility, minus a time-consuming step. Simply ask them to lay their shirt flat, then crumple it up into a blob. Quick. Easy. Fun! Now hand them a bottle of dye and allow them to saturate the areas they choose. Repeat with each bottle of dye. And it’s as simple as that!

Home Made tie dye instructions by the jersey shop singapore

We're pretty confident tie dying will be on your top five list of favorite crafts for kids! What are you waiting for? Let’s get creative!

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