Fast Fashion? Zero waste? How do we reduce our environmental Impact?

"Fast fashion" is one of the most polluting industries in the world accounting for a tenth of the global carbon footprint. It is also the second largest polluter of fresh water sources owing to the cultivation of crops as well as the production of fibers like wool.

 “Fast Fashion” is a business model that most retail stores have started to follow. It emphasizes new styles delivered to consumers quickly. Quicker turn around of trends incite more shopping but also quickens the pace at which the clothing goes out of style. Clothing produced in massive quantities can also be sold at lower prices which encourages consumers to buy more than what they need.

 And, what is “zero waste”? The title being fairly self-explanatory, at its most basic, it’s about producing as little waste as possible. Beyond this it’s about actively trying to send as little as possible to landfill.

gen woo fast fashion zero waste

The rise of environmentally conscious designers and clothing manufacturers is building and gaining more presence than ever. Slowly moving us from away from our disposable linear economy of using up all resource towards a circular one.

So, what role does zero waste have with fast fashion? and what are we doing to play our part?

At Gen Woo Kids we share a passionate vision of sustainable and circular business models within textiles manufacturing.

We started with small capsule collections made out of excess fabric created by our larger fast fashion counterparts. The vision to combine trendy everyday clothing while building a zero-waste circular business model.

Three seasons later we have managed to 90% stay true to this model and we now additionally include development fabric which was made for customers samples but later rejected by our counterparts.

We hope to continue to reduce our environmental impact share more stories on projects we are working on.

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