Must-Have Baby Accessories From Gen Woo

Keeping your little one dressed to impressed is one of the best parts of being a parent. From picking out adorable baby clothes to accessorizing, there are so many fun and exciting ways to keep your baby looking stylish. If you don't know where to start, don't worry! Gen Woo carries an incredible array of baby clothes and baby accessories.

Customer Favorite Baby Clothes:

  • Girls Scrunchies
  • Giraffe Triangle Bib
  • Baby Party Crown
  • Bow Head Band
  • Watercolour Cub Dribble Bib

Girls Scrunchies

gen woo hair accessory

Scrunchies are a great way to keep your little girl's hair cute and under control. Whether you want to style her hair in a ponytail, pigtails, braids, or a bun, there are tons of scrunchie options that you can take advantage of. This pack of six girls accessories features two different designs, one in black and one in a fierce animal print. The scrunchies have a pretty knot detail and elastic gathering on the underside to keep her hair secure and out of her face. The two colours allow you to match these baby girl accessories with your favorite baby clothes, from sporty to dressier options.

Giraffe Triangle Bib

Gen woo baby triangle bib

When you're raising a little one, keeping their baby clothes clean is a struggle in itself. No matter how hard you try, they always manage to get something on their outfits. This adorable giraffe triangle bib will help keep their baby clothes clean and dry — at least as much as possible! The bib features 100% cotton with two different size popper fastenings at the back for a comfortable fit. Gen Woo takes sustainability seriously, which is why we go above and beyond to be environmentally friendly. Our giraffe bib is printed with non-toxic dyes and a super soft feel.

Bow Head Band

Gen woo bow head band

If scrunchies aren't your little one's favorite, these bow headbands are another great choice! Like the girls scrunchies, these fashion headbands will match your baby clothes every season thanks to two colour choices: black and animal print. The baby girl's headbands are made with 93% cotton and 7% elastane for a soft and comfortable fit that both you and your little one will love. 

Baby Party Crown


Party Crown by Gen Woo


Take her style to the next level with an accessory fit for a princess. This precious baby party crown will match all of her baby clothes, so she can wear it whenever she wants, no matter the occasion. The crown features a navy band with an embroidered silver star pattern and is one size fits most. Your little girl  can wear this crown around the house, to a play date, to a party — or all the above!

Watercolour Cub Dribble Bib

Gen Woo dibble bib animal cub print

Baby clothes and baby accessories are about more than how you dress your kiddo. Chances are, you have an expansive collection of lifestyle accessories as well. This watercolour cub dribble bib is a must-have for families. The design features 100% cotton with a non-toxic dye and a super soft feel. Use it as a light cover for your baby carrier, or pack it in your diaper bag in case of spills.


One of the things parents love about Gen Woo is its dedication to environmentally friendly practices. The company manufactures its products in factories that are OEKO-TEX 100BSCI, and ETI certified and focuses on using organic cotton, recycled water, and non-toxic dyes to reduce its environmental impact.

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