Why Layering Lightweight Clothing is the Look for Now

Layering your look is all the rage, and we have the lightweight clothing combinations you need to make a splash as you go to school, run errands, or meet friends for coffee. With the ability to easily dress your look up or down, layering allows you the flexibility to take your outfit from day to night. Grab your favorite leggings, pop a skirt on top, and show your friends that you know how to turn heads and hearts when you walk down the street. By designing fashionable clothing with incredible versatility, you can create limitless looks to fit your mood, personality, and style!

Layering Lightweight Clothing By Gen Woo

And let’s not forget about caring for Mother Earth. There's no "fast-fashion" here. At Gen Woo, we are committed to sustainable clothing, so you can wear our clothes with pride.

 Layered clothing by Gen Woo

How to Layer Your Look

Layering your clothing is so in right now. So, how do you make the look seem effortless without looking messy? It all comes down to having a core wardrobe. Grab your favorite pieces and combine them to make many different outfits!

 Lightweight Blazer By Gen Woo

How to Create A Core Wardrobe

To create your ideal core wardrobe, start with one of our comfortable, sustainable base pieces, like leggings, a cami, or a tank. Next, you’ll want to pick out a variety of pieces to layer on top to show off your style and make your outfit your own! Shuffle those pieces around to create dozens of new combinations for any occasion!

 Striped Polo By Gen Woo

How Do You Rock the Layering Look?

If you love the layering look but you aren't quite sure how to pull the pieces together, we are here to help! We’ve put together a few fashion-forward suggestions to help you create a layered look you’ll love.

When the heat and humidity are high, it's better to layer a few lightweight options to get you from morning to night. Luckily, this fits right into our newest trends, as everyone loves the grunge and Y2K looks right now. 

 Striped Spaghetti Vest by Gen Woo

Our Favorite Layering Pieces:

  • Crop Tops
  • Vests
  • Black leggings
  • Oversized Tees
  • Face masks

Find your sense of self when combining our Women’s Crop Top under our Women’s Drop Arm Vest. Or maybe you would prefer our Women's Black Leggings under our Women's Oversized Tee. The options are limitless. Make sure to grab one of our masks to protect everyone's health and pull your whole outfit together as you work that mask as a fashion accessory!

 Dopamine Dressing By Gen Woo

Men Love the Layer Look, Too!

We can’t forget the guys! Take one of our Ringer Style Men's T-shirts and pair it with a Casual Jacket to get that edgy, grunge look you’ve been inspired by. Looking for a cleaner line? Grab our Regular Fit Workwear Jacket and pair it with one of our sustainable Jacquard T-shirts to create a look fit for any casual or dressy event.


Lightweight Clothing for Layering

At Gen Woo, we specialize in lightweight clothing to keep you fresh and at the top of your style game, no matter how hot it gets! The only heat being generated should be from your outfit choice. By layering your look, you can easily throw on a jacket when chilled or peel off layers as you warm up.

Layering a Blazer By Gen Woo

We carefully select our environmentally friendly, breathable fashion pieces with one thought in mind – making them a pivotal piece of your wardrobe for now and in the future. This is part of our sustainable model - the avoidance of fast fashion. We want you to love every piece you purchase from us and feel good about the choices you rock.


What Does Going Grunge Look Like?

Ready to make grunge a part of your wardrobe but not sure where to start? Think T-shirts and flannels, leggings, and skirts. Embrace the bedhead and get yourself some Doc Martens, Chucks, or other chunky shoes, and you're ready to go. Start with a tank top, the perfect underlayer, and add a shirt, flannel, vest, or sweater for a grungy ‘90s look you’ll love. Layer those layers, and you've captured the essence!

 Grunge Dressing By Gen Woo

Favorite First Layers for a Grunge Look:


Why Are Leggings Great for Layering?

One of the most important staples of your wardrobe will be your pair of leggings. Why? You can wear leggings alone or pair them under a long T-shirt, tunic, or dress to rock the grunge look. But not all leggings are created equal.

Leggings are the perfect wardrobe staple; they match well with any shoe, from boots to sneakers. Look for soft and stretchy leggings that can easily pair with everything or be a statement piece for your look.

 Leggings for layering By Gen Woo

Some of our favorite leggings:

 Catsuit For Layering by Gen Woo

Bright Color Choices for a Y2K Look

A hallmark of the Y2K fashion movement is bright colors. The vivid hues and nostalgia from Y2K were just what the world needed after dealing with the stress of entering the new millennium. Looking to stars like Britney, spaghetti straps, crop tops, bright colors, and rhinestones leaped onto the fashion scent, and they’re back once again.

Bright colors will light up your days! Nobody will miss seeing you coming when you suit up in these neon and bright-colored threads. So, slip into your faves and show you're ready to knock out any Y2K bug!


Some of our favorite bright-color options:


Wearing Bright Colors

Bright colors can pair great with muted tones and are a great way to add contrast to your wardrobe. Stand out with neon colors that add fun to your style! The cheerful palette of brights adds beauty to every outfit. Add them into your wardrobe with fun T-shirts, tops, tank tops, and even retro-style shorts.

Bright Colours For layering By Gen Woo

Wearing Pastels

While the original grunge style could lean more towards dark colors, flannels, and ripped jeans, you can add some pastels to match the modern grunge and give it your own flair!

 Pastel Colour Dressing By Gen Woo


At Gen Woo, we do everything we can to produce fashionable, sustainable clothing so you can buy with confidence. From working with Better Cotton Initiative and determining that our materials are ethically sourced to personally visiting the factories where our clothing is made, we want you to feel good about the clothing you wear, both physically and spiritually. Gen Woo - stylish clothing with a conscience made for Gen Z.

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