Founded in Singapore in 2018 by British designer Gen Woo, our easy-to-wear clothing combines Gen’s love of fashion with her care and consideration of both planet and people. 

Gen’s early career as a print designer led her to creating clothes for iconic UK high-street brands such as Primark, Next and Dorothy Perkins. Designing beautiful, wearable clothes is Gen’s passion, alongside a desire to be a part of the movement working towards a more circular fashion industry. 
When Gen first set up the company, she sourced only deadstock fabric to create her designs, using waste materials that were available and ready to use. Gen still uses deadstock to this day, alongside a range of sustainable fabric choices and continually looks to improve on the fabrics we use.
As a family-run business, the team at Gen Woo believe we all have a part to play in building a sustainable future for our children. So we’re making better choices in everything we do - from the fabrics we choose, and the energy-saving measures we employ, through to the conditions for those who work in our supply chain. 

You can read about our sustainability initiatives here

Our brand values


We believe we should all be socially responsible in our actions. At Gen Woo we are continually striving to make better choices in both the design and production of our clothes. We do this by honouring nature and raw materials, adopting more sustainable methods across products, processes, life cycles, and production methods. We offer transparency, accountability, and a commitment to continuous improvement in our family-owned factory, and for those who work in our supply chain. 


Our family-run business believes in the importance of community and supporting each other. We are always looking for new ways to engage with the people in our local communities, through shared events and collaborations; building relationships and helping to support the environment as we do so. 

We support our family-owned factory workers and their local communities by providing nurseries, free hot meals, books and computers.


We design clothes for people who love life, for those who love to run free and explore - and for those who want to feel good about the clothes that they wear. Our designs are conscientiously made and highly wearable, perfect for free-spirited families. 


We know that we feel happier and enjoy life more if we maintain a positive attitude, even when things get tough. Our clothes represent this positivity; they’re about expressing who you want to be, feeling happy in what you wear, and making the most of life. 

Gen Woo x