Gen Woo Brand Ambassadors, George and Verne Tey

George Tey brand Ambassador for Gen Woo Kids

Get to know the stylish sisters representing the Singapore-based sustainable fashion brand

Ever wondered what it is like to be a brand ambassador?

They're fun, energetic and a breath of fresh air. Get to know Gen Woo's newest brand ambassadors, twelve-year-old George and ten-year-old Verne Tey. Like Kendall and Kylie Jenner, Gigi and Bella Hadid—these model sisters are keeping fashion in the family. 

From their first catalogue shoot to representing the brand for their 2024 collection, we caught up with George and Verne to discuss fun facts, fashion and the Singapore fashion industry.

 George and Verne shooting for Gen Woo kids in 2022

Please introduce yourself and explain your journey into the Singapore Fashion Industry.

George: Hi, I'm George. We're new to the industry, and we were introduced to the Singapore Fashion Industry by friends.

Verne: Hi, I am Verne. I have been told I am quirky, energetic, and always up for a challenge. I am still new to the Singapore Fashion Industry.

 Verne doing catalogue shoot for Gen Woo kids

How did you become a Gen Woo brand ambassador?

G: My sister and I did a campaign shoot for Gen Woo in 2022, so now we're back working together to promote the comfortable clothing brand.

V: I did a modelling stint in 2022 for both catalogue and campaign and thoroughly enjoyed my time. I'm back and ready to have more fun with the new collection.

George and Verne street shots

What brands have you modelled or filmed for, and what is your favourite shoot to date and why?

G: I'm still new to the fashion industry and have only worked with an Australian brand, Happy Hair Brush and Gen Woo designs. Gen Woo gave me the opportunity to do a campaign, and I must say I did enjoy the work.

V: I would say I'm still new to the modelling industry. I have recently modelled for IKEA Singapore, Happy Hair Brush and Gen Woo designs. My favourite shoot to date would be the campaign shoot with Gen Woo Designs because it had a casual setting with music. It was with my sister, and I also made some new friends during work.

Verne in Ikea advert

If you could describe your style, what would it be?

G: Modern 

V: I don't have a particular style and dress according to my feelings. I think I am experimental and might throw together different styles.

Street style by George for Gen Woo kids

Do you have any style icons?

G: I like Blackpink Lisa's style and Taylor Swift's. One has that punk rock and streetwear edge, and the other is just comfortable in whatever she puts on while always looking good.

V: I don't have any style icons just yet. Still, I relate to Momona Tamada's character in Netflix's The Babysitter's Club and Claudia Kishi and Alaya High's character from That Girl Lay Lay.

Pink Gingham outfits by Gen Woo

Where do you like shopping, and do you have a favourite brand?

G: I used to get a lot of my clothes from Zara. However, I'm now on a hunt for clothes that fit my changing body shape, so Mum and I have been going through the racks of Zara, Cotton On, Mango, Rip Curl, and H&M.

V: I love shopping and especially enjoy trying on all sorts of clothes and styles in the fitting room. We sometimes have a mini photoshoot in the fitting room where I put together some clothes from the rack, and my mother plays a photographer. Currently, the brand that fills my cabinet most is Zara.

Singapore kids fashion

What is your favourite Gen Woo design?

G: I like Gen Woo's YK2 Collegiate line, where the designs are more comfortable and more styled towards an older audience. One thing that stands out with Gen Woo Designs is the quality of the material used in all collections.

V: This might be unusual, but I love Gen Woo's pyjama collection. Have you touched their fabric? It's so soft and comfortable, I could spend the whole day in pyjamas.

Star print nightwear by Gen Woo kidsTell us one fun fact about yourself.

G: I can flip my thumb backwards over my index finger.

V: I can tell you the plot and ending of a movie after watching ¼ of it.

If you would like to know more about our the stylish sisters on social media, please follow the link to their parent-managed IG profile @george_and_verne_rose

If you have an innate passion for style, a knack for influencing trends, and a desire to join a fashion community, look no further than Gen Woo. For fashion with a purpose, the sustainable fashion brand is building momentum in Singapore and is now on the hunt for charismatic and trend-setting individuals. 

Join George and Verne to be our next brand ambassador. It is your invitation to represent a fashion brand with strong values that celebrate uniqueness, creativity and impact. You'll be at the forefront of fashion trends and an advocate for sustainability, diversity, and innovation. Your influence will be a driving force in shopping the fashion narrative, and the exclusive experiences will be the icing on the cake of an exhilarating journey. It's time to make your mark, one stylish step at a time!

Verne shooting for a Chinese fashion brand

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