Fashion Week Trends: New York Autumn/Winter 2023

New York Autumn/Winter 2023

New York Fashion Week has officially concluded, and fashion enthusiasts worldwide are buzzing about the latest trends to hit the runway. As one of the most highly anticipated events in the fashion calendar, NYFW almost always sets the tone for the upcoming season, whilst serving as a platform for designers to showcase their latest anticipated collections.

For autumn, designers are delivering of-the-moment styles to suit every facet of your life — starting with the essentials. Sleek basics were a theme that came up a lot - Proenza Schouler exhibited elevated layering. On the other hand, other designers offered up sultry sheer, skin-revealing cutouts, and itty-bitty super short hemlines. And if you’re not quite ready for the Y2K revival to slow down, you’ll be pleased to hear low-rise silhouettes were out in full force, thanks to cult-favourites like Dion Lee and Coach.

From muted hues and bold animal prints to rebellious cuts and modern twists on vintage ‘90s styles, this year's AW23 trends are sure to make a statement in the fashion world. Whether you're a fashionista looking to revamp your wardrobe or simply curious about the latest styles, NYFW has something for everyone.All Things ‘90s 

(Left) Black Coach maxi dress featuring a roll neck, full sleeve and fitted silhouette. (Right) Helmut Lang white spaghetti strap tank top paired with black leather trousers.

Caption: Left: Coach A/W 23 New York Fashion Week. Right: Helmut Lang A/W 23 New York Fashion Week. Imagery: Tagwalk

Though Y2K trends have taken hold over the fashion industry for the past few seasons, the ‘90s fashion trend remains a consistent influence time and time again - and New York fashion week was certainly no exception. 

As their iconic ‘90s Tabby bag continues it’s renaissance era, Coach is just one of many fashion houses taking inspiration from classic silhouettes of the decade with their latest autumn/winter collection. The range features multiple takes on the full-coverage high neck maxi dresses much loved by ‘It’ girls of the ‘90s, styled here as a black-on-black look that we can see becoming a serious trend later this year. 

On the opposite end of the ‘90s ‘It’ girl spectrum, Helmut Lang references iconic model-off-duty, Kate Moss style with a simple a-line white tank top and boyfriend-fit leather pants. Though fairly simple in its formula, each piece takes note of the ‘capsule’ feel seen throughout ‘90s style.

Underwear As Outerwear 

(Left) Black Alexander Wang sheer slip dress with lace detailing and visible white underwear. (Right) Green and black plaid print Priscavera sheer top with matching visible bralette and low-rise black trousers.

Caption: Left: Alexander Wang A/W 23 New York Fashion Week. Right: Priscavera  A/W 23 New York Fashion Week. Imagery: Tagwalk

A true trailblazer of unapologetically sexy silhouettes and sheer fabrics, Alexander Wang didn’t miss an opportunity to give his take on the ‘visible underwear’ trend seen across this New York fashion week. Pairing with the dark tones usually favoured during the autumn/winter months, Wang suggests that partywear is about to get a little more risque in the coming seasons through a range of sheer lace slip dresses in his signature feminine cuts.

In a more everyday wear take on the trend, Priscavera combined their typical ‘party girl’ aesthetic with more understated silhouettes, as peek-a-boo undergarments and sheer fabrics meet full-length sleeves and classic plaid prints. 

Whatever the occasion, the ‘visible underwear’ trend is definitely one to keep on the radar for your 2023 wardrobe.

Animal Print

(Left) Green and black Colin Locascio zebra print midi slip dress over yellow fitted top with contrasting red piping. (Right) Brown cow print Helmut Lang trench coat over a blue turtle neck with knee high leather boots.

Caption: Left: Colin Locascio A/W 23 New York Fashion Week. Right: Helmut Lang A/W 23 New York Fashion Week. Imagery: Tagwalk

Cow, Snake, Zebra - you name it, animal print in all of its gloriously divisive forms is routing itself in the trend cycle for A/W 23. 

Colin Locascio effortlessly combines animal print with nineties in an amalgamation of this fashion week’s biggest trends, with a statement green and black zebra slip dress and playful retro styling to make even the Spice Girls proud. 

In a slightly more understated take on the animal print clothing movement, Helmut Lang gives us some key insight into how the trend may be translated into outerwear for any colder climates, whilst both designers hint that stark black and white contrasts are out and to be replaced with similar but slightly more out-of-the-box hues. 

And for more 'out-there' animal prints, last season's influx of zebra, leopard, and snake print has not necessarily gone extinct, it has just evolved into a new form within the fall/winter 2023 collections. Rather than drawing inspiration from animal skins, designers this year have created patterns that show the complete anatomical form of animals, in a very realistic way! At Stella McCartney, the first few runway looks featured traditional animal prints in full-length faux-fur coats and oversize knits in cow print. Closer to the show's finish, we saw slinky semi-sheer slip dresses with sequins featuring images of horses on a ranch. And McCartney was not the only designer to embrace a more literal take on animal prints, as other designers incorporated other less glamorous critters into their collections.

Biker Aesthetic

(Left) Black leather Brandon Maxwell maxi skirt with co-ordinating funnel collar crop leather jacket and thin waist belt. (Right) blue-black Heron Preston leather co-ord featuring mini skirt and crop shirt with utility-style pockets and black sheer accents.

Caption: Left: Brandon Maxwell A/W 23 New York Fashion Week. Right: Heron Preston A/W 23 New York Fashion Week. Imagery: Tagwalk

Think Sons of Anarchy, but make it chic. Leather jackets make our autumn fashion moodboards on an annual basis, and the recent NYFW suggests that we’ll be leaning even more heavily into the biker aesthetic this time around.

Both Brandon Maxwell and Heron Preston’s latest collections a shift towards more cropped iterations of the oversized blazer-esque leather jackets of recent trends, whilst leather trousers are being swapped out for their skirt counterparts - mini and maxi both!

In essence, these collections illustrate a more statement, less functional approach to leather garms in this season’s trend cycle, whilst also embracing femininity with torso-baring silhouettes.

Are you an animal print lover or a hater? Or maybe you’re already bringing your favourite ‘90s movies for fall fashion inspo (You’ve Got Mail is always a top choice!).  Join in the conversation on our socials - we’d love to know what you think.

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