Making The Most Of ‘The Year Of The Rabbit’

Fashion Embraces The Rabbit this New Year

Ready to make the most of the new lunar year? Here at Gen Woo, we're here to help you hop into the Year of the Rabbit with health, wealth and style aplenty.

Two red rabbits, with the words 'Happy Chinese New Year, 2023 Year of the Rabbit' sitting between them.

What Is The Year Of The Rabbit?

Beginning on January 22nd, 2023 until February 9th, 2024, the Year of the Rabbit marks the current phase of the lunar calendar in adherence with the Chinese zodiac. As the fourth in the twelve-year zodiac sequence, the Year of the Rabbit last took place in 2011.

Following the action, impulse and fast-paced Year of the Tiger, we’re happy to report that the rabbit is said to bring about a much slower, tranquil and peaceful energy. 

The rabbit also symbolises Spring in Chinese culture, suggesting that the Year of the Rabbit may be a time for introspection and new beginnings. Think of it as a fresh start - a new leaf. 

Are You A Rabbit? What To Look Out For:

As each animal comes up once every 12 years, there’s a likelihood that you yourself could be a ‘rabbit’ too. 

If so, it could be time to start treading a little more carefully for this calendar year - the stakes are a little higher if it’s your Ben Ming Nian (zodiac year)

Rabbits are urged to caution against drastic changes this year, though an upbeat attitude could see a rabbit achieving their life and career goals more than ever. So long as you stay away from the colours brown, grey and white - these are said to bring bad luck!

Health, Wealth & Statement Styles 

The Chinese zodiac focuses heavily on lucky symbolism. So, if you’re truly on the market for your luckiest year yet: be sure to surround yourself with all things pink and red - and plantain lilies or jasmines won’t hurt to bring a little luck to your home, either. 

Luck aside, this is the year to immerse yourself in the arts as much as possible. If you, like most of us, have been putting off a new craft or creative prospect in fear of failure, the Year of the Rabbit tends to be full of creative energy. There’s no time like the present! 

(Left) Burberry scarf for ‘The Year of the Rabbit’ campaign, (Right) Louis Vuitton’s ‘Precious Rabbit’ silk scarf.

Imagery: Burberry, CC 2023. Louis Vuitton, CC 2023. 

Rabbit fever at luxury global fashion brands 

In terms of style, a whole host of designer brands have released collections with the Rabbit year specifically in mind. Burberry’s ‘The Year of the Rabbit’ campaign encourages the wearer to ‘take a leap’ this lunar year, with a focus on playful basics to enhance the creative energy (with a stylish bunny motif, no less).

Meanwhile, Louis Vuitton lean into the more traditional side of the zodiac with vivid red winter accessories in their ‘Precious Rabbit’ collection, in hopes of bringing warmth and good fortune into the new year. 

Italian luxury fashion house Dolce & Gabbana have chosen to interpret the rabbit in an ethereal, almost Renaissance painting-like way. Their Lunar New Year capsule collection celebrating nature comprises womenswear, menswear, kidswear and accessories that weave in motifs of the rabbit and daffodils, said to be symbols of spring and resilience. You can spot dainty rabbits surrounded by blooming florals on skirts, dresses, sweatshirts and shirts in fabrics that range from brocade to chiffon.

At Gucci, the New Year collection bursts with colour and vibrant prints. Hand-drawn, almost graffiti-like depictions of the rabbit appear across their line-up of ready-to-wear pieces, as well as footwear, accessories and jewellery.

And lastly, hopping over to American brand Tommy Hilfiger, we find cartoon bunny Miffy as the star of the collection. Combining Miffy's minimalist aesthetic with the fashion brand's cool silhouettes, they have reimagined their preppy iconic designs. 

To take a leaf out of some of our favourite designer books, focus on elevating classic styles with a youthful, creative spirit this Rabbit year. 

Subtle ways to embrace the rabbit during CNY

If you're not after an 'in-you-face' rabbit look, then there are plenty of ways to embrace the celebrations in a more subtle way. 

Low-key bunny accessories are also a key part of many luxury fashion brand collections. Try Furla's signature 1927 bag or its Varsity Style bag, updated for the season in a variety of sizes and adorned with simple bunny motif for a subtle but very stylish nod to the year of the rabbit. 

Or check out jewellery designer Kate Spade's fabulous rabbit cocktail ring, ear studs and necklace for a the perfect finish to classic black or red dress. 

And if you want to find a really casual outfit, check out Levi's classic jeans which feature a bunny motif on the back pocket. 

But most of all, happy new year!



Six jewel-toned rabbits representing The Year of the Rabbit 2023, lined up in various positions of standing, sitting and hopping.

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