A Night of Elegance and Creativity: Reviewing the Singapore Fashion Council Annual Gala 2023

The Singapore Fashion Council (SFC) Annual Gala 2023

A much-anticipated event on the countries fashion calendar, and the 2023 edition did not disappoint. The Kebaya Re-Imagined” Black Tie gala took place on a balmy Thursday evening at the Pan Pacific, Raffles Boulevard Singapore. Where the city’s fashion elite, designers and industry leaders gathered to celebrate and showcase creative prowess. The annual event guest of honour was distinguished guest, Senior Minister of State, Sim Ann opened the evening alongside Wilson Teo, president of Singapore Fashion Council. The Gala not only celebrated Singapore fashion but also provided an opportunity for the community to come together and network.

Contestants at Singapore Fashion Council Gala 2023
 A Visual Feast: Singapore Stories 2023 runway.

The focal point of the evening was, without a doubt, the Singapore Stories 2023 runway. The Kebaya Reimagined theme featured a curated selection of some of the most talented and promising fashion designers.
More than 30 designers spent months working on the iconic regional garment, the Kebaya and brought their unique vision of it to life, demonstrating diversity, innovation and unique artistry that has come to define Singaporean fashion. The gala was a canvas of creativity, showcasing designers’ own interpretation of the theme, a feast of colours, textures, patterns, and a diverse display of Asian textiles such as brocade and intricate embroidery. A wide range of styles, from elegant evening gowns to avant-garde streetwear with bold silhouettes.
Designers included PaoPao, Joshua Ton, Verina Lie, Raymond Wong, Xuanwen, Yichin / Salient label, Kassandra, Madhushah, Mette Hartman, Sabrina Goh and Sufiyanto, Josephine Ang, Kavita Thulasidas by Stylemart, Khairina Sari, FINIX, and Lim Su Hui.
The eight-course dinner was served in between segments of the show, providing a luxurious and immersive experience.

The winners at Singapore Fashion Council Gala 2023
One standout moment was the collection by rising star Josephine Ang, who masterfully blended traditional and contemporary elements in her designs. Her use of intricate embroidery on modern silhouettes was impressive. The highlight was ANS.EIN, which featured a co-ord structured 2-piece made with scrap fabric cut into modular pieces and sewn together in an origami effect. Self-described as wearable art, Anseina won the competition, voted by guests through a QR code system.

Josephine Ang and ANS.EIN showcase at Singapore Fashion Gala 2023

Community Building and Networking: A Night to Remember

While the runway presentations were undoubtedly the centrepiece of the event, the Singapore Fashion Council Annual Gala is more than just a fashion show. It serves as an opportunity for the Singapore Fashion Community to come together and network. The gala’s appeal lies in its ability to unite industry professionals, fashion enthusiasts, and emerging talents, fostering connections and collaborations that extend beyond the event itself.
Guests were seated at beautifully decorated tables, each representing industry leaders, sponsors, fashion houses, education establishments fostering interaction and collaboration. This arrangement encouraged designers and professionals to engage in discussions, share their insights, and, in many cases lay the foundations for future collaborations.

Guests at the Singapore Fashion Council Gala 2023
The galas organisers were particularly adept at creating spaces for meaningful conversations. In addition to the runway, several spaces were set up where attendees could discuss the showcased designs, share their thoughts, and potentially spark new ideas. The mingling between courses during the eight-course dinner was a prime opportunity for connections to form, and it was evident that the galas atmosphere was conducive to building bridges in the fashion industry.
The event was sponsored by Brezwear, China Construction Bank Singapore branch, Cold wear, Ghim Li Group, Lee Yin Group, Matex, YKK
Jewellery for the runway was provided by: Foundation Jewellers
Make up for runway sponsored by: MAC
Supported by: Enterprise Singapore and  Asian Civilisations Museum

The Joy of Coming Together

A defining feature of the Singapore Fashion Council Gala 2023 was the sense of community and camaraderie that permeated the event. Guests, many of whom had not seen each other for years due to the pandemic, were delighted to be back in one another’s company, and the energy was palpable. Conversations flowed, laughter echoed, and there was an overwhelming sense of positivity and optimism in the air.

View of the guests who attended Singapore Fashion Gala 2023
Attendees revelled in the opportunity to reconnect with old friends and make new ones, all while celebrating the creativity of the fashion industry. The sense of joy and excitement was infectious, and it was clear that the gala served not only as a showcase of fashion but also as a reunion of a close-knit community.
We certainly enjoyed the opportunity to get dressed up and meet our community.

Gen and Gilles Woo at Singapore Fashion Council Gala

Gala Program: A night of Elegance and Creativity

The program was thoughtfully designed to ensure a smooth flow of events, from the initial registration to the grand finale. Here’s a detailed look at the Gala programme:
6.15pm: Registration
The evening commenced with a clinking of glasses as guests arrived and registered.
6.50pm: Guests seated, and doors closed
Guests made their way to their assigned seats.
7.00pm: Arrival of Guest of Honour, SMS Sim Ann
Guest of Honour, Senior Minister of State (SMS) Sim Ann made her entrance.
7.30pm: Dinner Served
The eight-course dinner commenced with each course carefully prepared.
8.00pm: Singapore Stories 2023
The grand runway came to life with the “Singapore Stories 2023” fashion showcase.
 Models at the singapore fashion council gala 2023
9.00pm: Winners Presentation
The winner voted for by guests was presented an award, alongside runners up.
9.45pm: Lucky Draw
Guests had the chance to win prizes in the lucky draw.
10.00pm: End of Ceremony
Singapore Fashion Council Gala concluded with a chorus of claps, and a palpable sense of gratitude for an evening filled with style, creativity, and community.

A Night To Remember

The Singapore Fashion Council Annual Gala 2023 was a testament to the resilience and creative spirit of the Singapore fashion industry. It celebrated not only the artistic endeavours of designers but also the bonds that hold the fashion community together. The event was a visual and emotional spectacle, a reminder of the power of fashion to inspire and connect.
The Kebaya Re-Imagined showcased the incredible talent of Singapore fashion designers, providing a platform for the fashion community to come together and network, and foster a sense of joy and unity.

Runway of designs from Singapore Fashion Gala 2023
Missed the show? The runway looks will be on display at the Design Orchard Retail Showcase

Winner of Singapore Fashion Council 2023
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