Matching Sleepwear For You And Your Little Star

Matching Organic Sleepwear

A happy mum and daughter wearing matching star print pyjamas, sitting beside a bed and smiling at the camera.Starry nights suddenly got a whole lot cosier with our organic cotton nightwear collection. With World Sleep Day coming up in March, we’ve got just the thing for you and your mini-me to enjoy an indulgent evening in.

At Gen Woo, we’re big fans of family time and wearing the same clothes, or 'twinning', can strengthen the bond between you and your child by creating a sense of togetherness. Younger kids especially enjoy ‘dressing up like Mummy’ and teenagers love to feel like they belong. So popping on one of our ‘Mummy and Me’ pyjama sets is the perfect way to boost the maternal mood at home.

One thing the pandemic perhaps taught us all is that spending quality time with the ones we love is more important than ever. We live in busy times where technology is both connecting us and dividing us, so making space for special moments with our families is good for our overall well-being. 

So this March, why not celebrate World Sleep Day by setting up a special slumber evening with your little one? Or be the perfect grandparent and buy one of our family pyjama sets as a present for your own daughter and hers? Whether you’re co-ordinating with a child or twinning with a teen, we have plenty of on trend options for everyone.

A mum holding hands with two girls standing on a bed looking happy, wearing matching star pyjamas and kids night dresses.

Our Star Print PJ Set at £30 comes in a great range of sizes from UK6 to UK16 and there’s a mini version in ages 6 to 14 for the little star(s) in your life. Made from a lightweight natural cotton viscose, you’ll both enjoy the feel of sugar soft fabric against your skin (perfect for night time cuddles). The ‘Mummy and Me’ pyjama sets feature an oversize tee with contrast pocket detail and loose fit pants for ladies, and a matching Star Top And Shorts Set or long Night Dress for children.

Or if you’d prefer to dream amongst the daisies, our ditsy Daisy PJ Set in a gentle lavender shade includes a lightweight long sleeve adult T-shirt and printed pyjama pants with elastic cuff ankles. We’ve added a trendy teen option with spaghetti straps, a cute crossover back and matching shorts as well as a ‘Back To Nature’ Slogan Set for kids.

Three children cuddled up to a mum sitting on a bed, all wearing matching daisy print pyjamas and looking happy.

At Gen Woo, a sense of happiness and well-being is close to our hearts and we’re here to make a difference whether that’s to pyjamas, people or the planet. We don’t take shortcuts on sustainability, we don’t dump waste fabric in landfill and we treat all our people with the respect you’d want for your own family.

The Cleverness Of Cotton 

Our ‘Mummy and Me’ nightwear collection is inspired by the softness of bamboo fine knits. We use a natural cotton fabric viscose to create a similar hand feel. Organic cotton is grown without the use of any synthetic, artificial fertilisers and is a natural, renewable and biodegradable fibre. 

The brilliance of cotton when it comes to nightwear is its natural breathability. Polyester and other fabric sheets made from synthetic materials don't let the air through, which can leave you feeling sticky and sweaty. Cotton enables you to sleep better by regulating your temperature, reducing hot and restless nights and also helping to keep you comfortable in the cold, making it the most suitable sleepwear across all seasons. 

We know that a good night’s sleep can be the difference between ‘gorgeous’ or ‘grumpy’ in the morning and that important S-Factor often comes down to simply wearing the right thing to bed.

So that’s why we’ve taken our time to choose the very best fabrics for you to relax in. And because all our pyjama sets are made from fabric which is sustainably sourced, you will literally be saving the planet in your sleep. So snuggle up, and enjoy a night in together. 

Share Your Sleepover Stories 

With your twinning outfits sorted, we think a night in can be every bit as good as a night out. And we’d love to see what you get up to in your matching ‘Mummy and Me’ PJ sets! Whether you’re snuggling down for a movie, popping on a sheet mask, making a TikTok dance or creating your best bubble tea recipes, please post your pics and tag us on Instagram and to make us smile.

A young girl cuddled up to a large soft bunny toy in a bedroom, smiling happily at the camera wearing star print PJs.

Each ‘Mummy and Me’ matching pyjama range is a capsule collection with limited pieces, so grab yours now.

And remember, at Gen Woo we are constantly looking at ways to make better environmental choices in our design and manufacturing processes. So buying from us means that when you do nod off in your gorgeous new nightwear, it can be with a clear conscience.  

Sweet dreams.


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