Actress Isla Rose Hall on career, fashion for teens and confident style

Isla Rose Hall embodies vibrancy and energy. And she seems to put this energy into everything she does, whether that's her career, creativity, or just the manner in which she embraces her world. Isla just exudes delight. And if she’s not acting in a blockbuster TV series such as The Good Doctor or Mythic Quest, then she’s busy modelling - and she has modelled for us, here at Gen Woo!

Even with all of that going on, and at just 14 years old, Isla is still finding the time to study in school, balancing auditions with homework, pet care and after school clubs. 

We caught up with Isla to talk favourite outfits, teenager clothing and standing firm in self expression. Read our exclusive interview for an inside take on all things Isla Rose! 

Isla Hall wearing black shrunken rib tank top

What project are you most proud of?
I love all the projects I’ve done so far. My time on The Good Doctor is the most memorable but I have to say I am most proud of the standalone episode ‘Sarian’ on Mythic Quest Season 3. I had to do an Australian accent and take on the persona as a younger version of the very popular lead character, Poppy Li.

Isla Hall Acting on set
Isla Hall performing on the Good Docter

What is the hardest part about being a child actor / performer?
The hardest part is probably juggling between school and acting, like trying to plan time for memorising scripts and filming the auditions, amongst homework and after school classes. It is also hard to be away from home and my pets while filming abroad.

Has there been a favourite costume / look and did it help you communicate your character on a deeper level?
My costume for the upcoming movie 'Joy Ride’ where I play the younger version of Ashley Park’s character. It is very different to what I would usually wear and it helped me connect with the character more as I got more of a sense of her personality, social status and in a different era.

Cover page for Isla Hall
Can you talk us through your red carpet look for ‘Mythic Quest’?
I was so excited about the premiere! My mom and I went through many looks taking into consideration my petite frame and the weather because November can be quite cold in L.A. We chose a Prada Re-Nylon Sleeveless Dress with Pouch, paired with a baby blue knit top from Pull & Bear and a pair of boots I already owned from Zara. We finished the look with an Alexander Wang Crystal Mini Duffle Bag and of course hair and makeup!

Isla Hall on Mystic Quest What was the red carpet experience like for you?
It was really thrilling and such a cool experience! At first I was really nervous because I had never done anything like it, but when I got there I had a blast. I loved speaking to the press and it was so nice to see some of the cast members again. Also I got to meet Sofia Vergara! After the red carpet walk, we had a sneak peak of the new season followed by an after party and that was really fun.

When travelling to other countries for either work/fun does your style change at all?
Definitely! In different countries, my style changes with the vibe of the city or the season. I usually wear more colourful, fun clothes when I’m travelling and definitely overpack! I love being able to wear seasonal items like sweaters, jackets and winter boots.

What is your favourite fashion trend right now and why?
Low waisted jeans/trousers because I love how they look with different tops and I love styling them. There are a lot of great combos.

What is your favourite Gen Woo outfit that you have modelled?


Isla Hall modeling for Gen Woo

Do you have any advice for aspiring kid performers wanting to enter the industry?
A lot of hard work and a lot of patience. Because there will be countless auditions that you never hear back from.

If you could advise girls on how best to feel confident when it comes to dressing and style, what advice would that be?
When you put on something you really like wearing but aren’t confident, just remember you’re wearing it because you like it, not because you’re trying to impress anybody. Just don’t think people are judging you.

Isla Hall Modelling in Singapore

July 2023 will see the release of Isla’s upcoming work in the movie Joy Ride, but until then, you can continue to immerse yourself in the world of Isla by shopping graphic t-shirts and teenage clothes looks at Gen Woo. You may follow Isla here and extend trends, wonder and a little bit of Isla magic into your wardrobe. 

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