How to Shop for Clothes for Your Teen Girl and Boy

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How to Shop for Teen Clothes

The between years – the age of a kid that isn’t a child and not yet a teenager. It’s a time when kids start becoming more independent yet still rely on their parents for guidance and support. Kids this age go through a lot of physical and emotional changes as they establish their sense of self – this includes their own personal style. With Gen Woo, your tween can develop their style in environmentally aware designs without sacrificing comfort.


What is a Tween, Anyway?


Tweens are between 9 and 12 years old. They have opinions, influences, and ideas about how they want to reflect their personal style and the statement they want to make with clothing. When shopping for tween girls’ clothes or tween boys’ clothes, it’s important to take their opinions into account and help build their confidence through the clothing they wear.


Tween Clothing Staples


When building their wardrobe, clothes for tween girls and tween boys’ clothes have a lot in common. Start with a foundation of wardrobe staples and have them style their favourite pieces in ways that feel right for them. Focus on sustainable items that match your collective family values and add versatile styles that boost confidence and keep them comfortable.

tween girl leggings are everything in singapore


5 Staple Pieces in Tween Girls’ Clothes


  1. Leggings
  2. Skorts
  3. Tiered skirts
  4. Sweaters
  5. Slogan T-shirts


  1. Leggings are everything.


When you are looking for tween girls’ clothes to serve as a foundation piece that is as comfortable as it is versatile, you must reach for leggings. Seasonless and trendy, leggings look good with a variety of tops and can be dressed up with minimal effort. Monochromatic, colourful, or retro, each design opens a whole world of options when paired with the right tops.


Pair black Rib Leggings with a black Shrunken Rib T-shirt with black trainers for a casual, monochromatic style that goes from morning to evening comfortably. Add a Checked Jacket and chunky black boots for tween girls’ clothes to layer a little edge with her personal style. Leggings of any colour can be worn with oversized T-shirts or under shorter skirts and dresses to offer a little more coverage and extra style.


  1. Skorts are the ideal compromise for dressing up and staying sporty.


Check the schedule of any tween girl, and you’ll see her moving through her day at an incredibly fast pace. From school to ball practice and then out with friends, your tween wants a versatile staple that can keep up with her and her athleisure vibe. Skorts, or skirts as shorts, are super-soft and trendy, ready-to-wear everyday tween girls’ clothing that can be styled in a variety of ways to keep her wardrobe fresh.


Style a Twill Skort with a Graphic T-shirt for playtime with the neighbourhood kids and change to a Retro Bubble Top for dinner out with family. Both outfits pair nicely with trainers to keep it casual with solid personal style. Layer on a Washed Sweater if the evening plans take her back out into the cool night.

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  1. Tiered skirts are perfect tween girl clothing.


A tiered skirt is a perfect foundation piece for tween girls’ clothing because it offers versatile style and mood. Your tween can dress it up for a special occasion or punk it out with leggings and boots to flex some serious personal style. Sugar or spice, the tiered skirt has your tween girl covered.


A Tiered Mesh Skirt looks sweet when paired with a fluttery Broderie Crop Top. Your tween can take her look to the next level with a black Tiered Mini Skirt layered over leggings, a Swan Sequin T-shirt, and chunky boots. Your tween will create a look that is unique, and you can be comfortable with choosing ultra-soft green materials in the latest designs.


  1. Sweaters are cool even when it’s not cold.


Your tween will look extra cool layered up with sweaters that are easy to wear and stylish in any setting and in every season. Sweaters are a trendy go-to for easy styles that work for a casual setting and can be dressed up if needed. Button-up or pull-over, you can match these key pieces with trendy bottoms to create outfits she will feel comfortable in.

boys in cool tie dye sweaters in singapore


If she puts on jeans and a Grey Marl Sweater, your tween will not only look on-trend with a little pleat detail at the hem; she will feel great in ultra-soft tween girls’ clothing in the latest styles. Pair a Pink Velour Sweater with matching leggings, and she’ll have a sweet style for an evening out with friends or hanging out at the house with family. Everyday style can be as simple as a Washed Sweater and shorts paired with sporty trainers. It’s good to be a tween girl!


  1. Make a statement with slogan T-shirts.


Every tween girl has something to say, so let’s make a style statement with Slogan T-shirts. Whether she wants to proclaim “Let’s Dance” or let everyone know her fashion choice is to Focus on the Earth, slogan T-shirts are a unique way for her to express her personal style with clothing for tween girls. Some days, she’ll just want to be a Lovely Princess, and her Cropped Tee will tell all.


She can get her day started with a slogan T-shirt and jeans, changing to shorts and trainers for an afternoon at the park. Slogan T-shirts pair perfectly with a Tiered Mini Skirt and chunky sandals for an evening out to dinner with family. Just add a pair of Cropped Leggings and high-tops, and she’ll be ready to outrun the boys at the ballpark when she meets up with friends later.


Slogan T-shirts from Gen Woo


Extremely Talented

College motif

Earth Day Every Day


Tween girls are in a beautiful space where they begin exploring their fashion comfort zone. This generation has the added weight of choosing to make responsible buying decisions and supporting environmentally aware designers. With conversation, compromise, and plenty of sustainably produced green materials and designs, you and your girl will invest in tween girl clothes that not only make her happy but express her unique personal style.


What Tween Boys’ Clothes are Trendy?


Tween boys have hit refresh on wardrobe staples, and they have personal style goals to stay cool and comfortable in options that are easy to mix and match and don’t slow them down. An athleisure vibe that reflects their taste and growth is high on the must-have list for today’s tween boys’ clothing. With a few foundation pieces, your tween boy will have the everyday styles he needs to look good and feel good while keeping his fashion game on point.

polo t-shirt for boys in singapore


5 Staple Pieces in Tween Boys’ Clothing


  1. Shorts
  2. Polo T-shirts
  3. Casual jacket
  4. Joggers
  5. Tie-dye T-shirts


  1. Tween boys can never have too many shorts.


Shorts are the perfect athleisure look for a day at school or playing basketball in the park with friends. Shorts that feature a soft, comfortable fabric are ideal for a casual event or a slightly dressier gathering and easily pair with a variety of shirts to keep each look fresh and trendy. Let him spend less time on his wardrobe and more time making memories with versatile shorts made with comfort and style in mind.


He'll love pairing a bright-coloured pair of Boy’s Bermuda Shorts with an ultra-soft T-shirt. Seasonless and endlessly versatile, dark- or light-coloured Boy’s Bermuda Shorts are ideally matched with a Basic T-shirt, a Polo T-shirt, or any Tie-dye T-shirt for edgy, colourful personal style. Keep casual trainers or high-tops close at hand, and he’ll be ready for any occasion in style and comfort in his tween boy clothes.


  1. Polo T-shirts offer timeless style with season-less comfort.


Your tween boy will obsess over the endless wardrobe options of the Polo T-shirt. Easily paired with jeans, shorts, or joggers, this shirt gives quick and easy combinations that will keep him focused on fun while dressed in comfort. The functional two-button placket offers timeless style and practicality with an ultra-soft feel to keep your tween boy’s clothes looking smart.


He will pair a Printed Boys Polo T-shirt with his favourite jeans and trainers as a daily go-to if you let him! The lightweight fabric is an ideal match with shorts or joggers for a trendy daytime look that can be easily layered with a sweater or jacket on a cool evening. Whether he chooses solids or stripes, the Boys Polo T-shirt is a wardrobe staple for tween boys’ clothing he will ask for time and time again.


  1. A casual jacket takes your tween boy’s clothing look from day to evening.


If your boy is like most, you never know where his day is going or what activities will keep him busy from morning to night. A casual jacket is an ideal wardrobe staple for its versatility to dress up an outfit during the day or keep him warm – yet effortlessly cool – in the evening. Layering on a jacket is a fun way to change the style of your favourite look and keep it fresh.


Pair a jacket with shorts to level up a casual look when he needs to transition to a dressier event in the evening. Layer a jacket over a tie-dye T-shirt to give a peek at colour when the occasion calls for something a little less casual. A jacket is a modern and stylish choice for any tween boy’s clothing and keeps his style looking as unique as he is.


  1. Joggers are the tightened-up version of sweatpants.


If his personal style needs an upgrade, an easy fix is to trade out his sweatpants for joggers. The fitted cut of a jogger instantly elevates the worn-out, baggy shape of the sweatpants we’ve always known and replaces it with a trendier design that is versatile enough for most occasions. Your tween boy will be obsessed with joggers, so be ready to stock up on this sporty staple!


He will be anything but basic when he pairs joggers with a Basic T-shirt to hang out at the house and just adds high-top sneakers for a sporty look on the court. His joggers are versatile enough to wear with a Polo T-shirt or Tie-dye T-shirt if the occasion calls for colour and personality. He will love the trendy look joggers give his personal style without compromising comfort and sustainability.

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  1. Keep him playful and trendy in tie-dye.


You can never go wrong with the versatile colours and looks of tie-dye T-shirts. Stock up in multipacks because this will be the go-to design that your tween boy comes back for time and again. The ultra-soft feel of the lightweight fabric keeps him comfortable, while the retro look keeps his personal style on point.


Pair tie-dye T-shirts with his favourite khakis or jeans. Add a pair of sporty sneakers, and he’ll be ready to run all day! A tie-dye T-shirt and shorts make a classic tween boy clothes combination that never goes out of style or out of season. Layer on a jacket for cooler nights without sacrificing style or comfort.


Sustainable Staples for Tweens


Clothing for tween boys and girls is always evolving. Encouraging sustainable staples is an ideal way to build a wardrobe that will help build confidence without sacrificing comfort. When it comes to being effortlessly trendy, your tween girls and boys have just started their fashion journey.


Sustainable Materials for Tween Clothing



Organic cotton



Young people around the world are shaping sustainable fashion, so that means your tween boy or girl may have questions about what is best for their planet when it comes to clothing. More and more of our younger generations are becoming outspoken regarding sustainable choices and supporting companies that produce environmentally aware designs. With parents footing the bill for clothing that tweens wear out or grow out of so quickly, affordable choices in sustainable clothing are most likely a conversation in your home as well.


Gen Woo offers sustainable tween clothing at affordable prices. With an emphasis on improving sustainable standards in the fashion and clothing industry, Gen Woo has developed sustainable processes that offer trendy boys’ and girls’ tween clothing with green materials that are lightweight and ultra-soft. We understand that your tween is growing through clothes quickly, and we are committed to making seasonless staples with responsible materials that have less negative impact on our environment.

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