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Today's Teen Girls

These days, tween fashion options are endless, and whether you’re dropping them off at a playdate or bringing them to soccer practice, they deserve to look and feel comfortable and confident. Keep up with today’s trendy tween fits, and let your kiddo show off their personal style and look cute doing it!


Your tween is at the fun age where they want to have input and control over their own clothing! Your tween may want to define their own style in choosing tween clothes that reflect their personality and vibe, and with the varying trends, there’s something for everyone. It’s time to support your kid in experimenting with personality and pizazz and learn about today’s fashion together.

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5 Must-Have Trends for Teen Styles


Keep your kiddos in the latest tween clothes styles to keep them looking fashionable and feeling their best. Who knows, you may get inspired to upgrade your own wardrobe after seeing how cute and comfortable your kid is! This year there are five main trends to focus on for tweens:


  1. Basics
  2. Athleisure
  3. Oversized tops
  4. Fun patterns
  5. Layering


  1. Teen Styles Basics


Having basics in the closet will make those almost-late-to-school mornings just a little easier. Having go-to shirts like our easily pair with leggings from the Pack of 3 Girls’ Leggings or jeans is a lifesaver. Stock up on neutral-toned shirts, socks, hoodies, and pants to quickly assemble outfits when they’re in a rush.


  1. Athleisure in Teen Styles


Athleisure is stylish at every age in the fashion world, and tweens are no exception. What is there not to love about these tween clothes? From the comfortable fabrics to the easy-to-assemble fits, athleisure styles are a huge trend for fashionable tweens everywhere. We love to dress our tweens in the matching Tween Twin Set, so they feel cute, comfy, and ready for anything.


  1. Oversized Styles in Teen Clothes


Oversized T-shirts and hoodies are currently fashionable for tweens and up. Styling a shirt that is boxier rather than skin tight could help your tween feel confident and empowered to make daring new choices that show off their personality. A Crop Box T-shirt touts college slogans while being perfect for moving around in.


  1. Popular Patterns for Teen Clothes


Patterns go in and out of style every year, and this season, there are three main patterns and colours we just can’t get enough of! You may recognise a few of them from your own tween-hood.


Tie Dye



Tie Dye in Teen Styles


Where did tie dye come from? Tie-dye has its roots in 5th century China and has been a modern-day staple on the fashion scene since the 1950s. Your tween can rock and elevate every plain outfit by putting on  Spiral Tie Dye T-shirt with any old jeans, joggers, or khakis. Dressing your child in a standout pattern like tie-dye will make a statement and let them discover more about their own personal tween style.


Camouflage in Teen Clothes


Camo has been big in recent years, but this year the fashionistas have realised it’s a perfect print to go with current, popular neutral-toned colours. For kids, we make a bit of a brighter camo statement by making dusty pink Camo Leggings (with matching sweat shorts and crop tops) for kids to step out and show off in. Your kiddos will look chic in this simple print for gymnastics, trips to the grocery store, or family walks.



  1. Layering for Teen Clothes


Layering is a great way to elevate an outfit while also keeping your tweens warm in the chillier months. To stay chic, comfortable, and warm, try these tips for lightweight layering. Your youngster can be sent off into the cold looking fashionable and snug, and you won’t have to worry about them catching a cold!

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Accessories for Teens


Often overlooked, accessories can make or break tween styles. Whether your kiddo is going to save up their allowance for these outfit extras or you’re buying them for their birthday, there are a few accessories tweens love these days. Allow them to spruce up their outfits with these fun, quirky pieces:


Bucket hats


Crossbody bags

Colourful jewellery

Phone charms


Choosing Teen Styles

Tween styles are not just about trends; they’re all about helping your tween to feel comfortable in this transitional period of their life where their bodies and brains are changing. Working with your tween to empower them to feel safe and comfortable in their favourite sustainable tween clothes is a necessary part of growing up. With many different styles to suit each type of body and oversized clothes to help your tween feel more comfortable in this period of their lives, our tween clothing is meant to support mental health.

Tweenagers have it rough out there! They’re constantly navigating new friendship groups and changing social expectations. Our tween designs are focused on slogans with positive images and do not put an emphasis on heavy branding. Letting your tween have some say in their fashion and how they present to the world will make both of you feel safe and comfortable—so shop for the latest in tween clothes together.

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4 Tips for Helping Your Teen Style Themselves

  1. Spend a little time getting creative with your child looking at tween styles online. Research together styles you like the look of, maybe even screen shot a few ideas to your phone, so when you head out to the shops you have a complete style plan.


  1. Help your tween select looser fit shapes and darker colours that will allow them to feel comfortable and give them privacy as their body goes through changes.


  1. There are lots of high street retailers that offer versions of the niche designer brands that Gen Z are into at the moment. So with a little homework you will be able to find similar looking clothes without the huge price tag. Therefore easily avoiding status issues that may arise at school with peers. If you're worried about navigating the high street you can check their certification status on their website ahead of purchase.


  1. Avoid light colours that could be transparent and fitted clothes that can accentuate body changes

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Tweens’ fashion is ever changing, and we love to dress our kids in the most stylish and unique outfits we can find. From quirky, fun prints to comfortable, on-the-go outfits, we can’t get enough of trendy tween fits! Whether you’re dressing them for a fancy family dinner or a friend’s birthday party, keep them looking stylish, safe, and oh-so-cute. It’s time to get you and your tween pumped up for exciting, fresh outfits this year!

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